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Welcome to Flying Star Toys

Thank you for visiting Flying Star Toys - handmade toys by Australian designer, Florence Forrest.

Here you'll find collectible, soft sculpture toys beautifully crafted with exquisite attention to detail. These decorative designer objects are limited editions only.

Flying Star Toys are thoughtful gifts for all occasions.  Their individual character ensure they will become beloved keepsakes.

It is hoped you'll enjoy reading the stories of imagination that accompany each toy collection. If you are keen to learn more about the development of these unique creations please feel welcome on the Flying Star Toys blog, where you'll find Florence deep in the creative process.

"Flying Star Toys are as special as you are. Thank-you for being a Flying Star too."

xx Florence Forrest

Thank-you for being a Flying Star too

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What's new on the toy shelf

Always Apple Cushion Friend

Flying Star Toys is pleased to introduce its newest addition to the toy shelf - Always Apple Cushion Friend.